THE HUMAN COMEDY Is an artistic project born from performing arts in 2007, it gathers both renowned and emerging artists from many disciplines to research our present. It includes a repertoire of plays that compel a new way of thinking about the present, based on theatre and theatricality. These plays exceed the conventional theater format, considering they aren’t necessarily born of a particular script or text, but from precise and continuous research about the subject, and from the stage tools to be explored. Also, in one of the collective’s trends, although every play can be performed in a theater, they usually explore the possibilities of non-theatrical spaces, such as prisons, schools, basements, bodegas, houses, or sceneries for other productions. LA COMUNA: REVOLUCIÓN O FUTURO “Can the artist influence the solutions to political problems? La Comuna didn’t just identify and bring them in, but also confronted them with those who suffer them during an exercise that took public spaces and transformed it into an ephemeral theater-museum-archive.” (La Tempestad, contemporary art magazine, on La Comuna, its featured stage play for 2014.) It’s an intervention and re-appropriation artistic project performed in specific communities, based on two main questions: how powerful can art be in public spaces? And how can an artistic device jumpstart an esthetical exercise in a community to shape future imagery? It’s meant to be an opportunity for communities to question and rebuild its identity bonds by means of workshops and activities focused on the ideas of memory and future. La Comuna gathers testimonies and performs collective actions in public spaces, which start a shared staging for the word and the image of the community. In Mexico, La Comuna has performed in Mexico City, as well as the States of Hidalgo, Jalisco and Tamaulipas, and abroad in Ecuador (Quito), and Spain (Pamplona)
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